I contacted Mitch about getting my dog painted, he made it so simple and easy. He kept me up to date about how it was going. When I saw the final product, I cried because it is so beautiful! Now, I have a physical representation of my beloved dog, for forever. This whole process has been so easy and fantastic. I am going to have to get my other dog painted as well , since this one came out so great! 100% recommend getting a portrait done by Mitch.


Mitch does amazing work! I asked his advice in how to take a better photo of Shy, and it worked! Mitch did so much detail, and the color mixing was on point! Bonus, I was able to watch him paint her live! I was able to interact with him as he painted her and share stories of Shy and stories of his furbabies! It was a great time! Bonus bonus, the time I spent with Shy taking her picture was so relaxing, we just hung outside in the grass under a tree, and giving her treats and petting her and snapping pictures, I felt like we were really bonding. 11 out of 10, I do recommend.


Losing my dog Maggie was one of the most traumatizing events I had ever been through. Nothing can describe the pain of having your best friend ripped away from you when you thought you had more time. It was hard enough telling my friends, Mitch included. So when, a week or two after her death, Mitch began to paint Maggie without me knowing he ever intended to, it was simultaneously one of the worst and best emotions I have ever felt. There on my screen, my baby was coming back to life. I couldn’t touch her, but I could see the gleam in her eye again, I could see her wonky lip, I could see everything that made her Maggie. What was a routine action for Mitch and a simple action to comfort a friend became the most important thing that any single person had ever done for me. It gave me closure and a place to mourn. The simple act of painting a 12×12 piece of canvas was enough to help my broken heart start mending what felt like an impossibly deep wound. And I will be forever grateful for that.

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