Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

You can either email me pictures or send me a direct message on discord with pictures of your pet. The more pictures, the better. Invoicing is done through PayPal. When I’m able to make your painting depends on my current wait list.

How many pictures do you want me to send?

The more pictures you can send me the better. I won’t be upset or overwhelmed with 50-100 photos. Knowing which photos make good reference photos can be difficult and I only have the photos to see your pet through so the more the better.

I have two+ pets, can you paint them together?

Painting two pets together on a single canvas is not something I like to do because of the “Photoshop” or “Cerberus” effect where you have a two headed cat/dog. Combining photos that have different light sources and angles does not make for a high quality painting. Below I have some examples showing how crowded a painting can be and how certain features and emotions are lost from combining two photos.

Here are some examples of how crowded and disarrayed a canvas can look with multiple subjects

I really like this specific picture of my pet, can you paint this one?

I like to say every picture of your pet is a great picture. But not every picture makes for a great painting. There are certain features such as the light, angle, quality, spacing, and pose of the photo that I take into consideration.

What should I look for in a photo?

A good rule to follow is to make sure the lighting highlights your pets features and to have the picture focused on them. Too close and their features will be distorted, too far and the detail is lost. Try to be 4-5 feet away from your pet when you take your photos.

These are photos I have painted in the past and are good examples of what to look for when taking pictures of your pet.

How do I know if a picture is good quality?

The original source of the photo will always be the best photo. Taking a screenshot or downloading photos from social media pages like Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram compress the photos drastically lowering the quality of them. As always see my tips on my commission page for more advice on taking photos.

My pet won’t stay still. Can I take a video and take stills from it?

Short answer, no. A still from a video is not a photo it is a screenshot. The quality of a still is horrendous compared to a photograph. Tire your pet out or bribe them with their favorite toy or treat to get them to cooperate. Sometimes pets will lose interest. That’s okay. If needed; take a break and try again later.

What is the best way to send you photos?

Email is the preferred way to send me photos; a direct message on discord will work as well. I do not discuss commission information though other social medias such as my Instagram page. The best way to receive photos is through email because there is no limit on the size of the pictures and email will not compress the photos.

I want this to be a surprise, so my options for photos are limited. Will that be okay?

Paying for the painting is surprise enough. If you can, take the photos yourself; following my advice. If someone has the best photos of their pet, find a way for them to send you the originals. Surprise or not, they will want the best painting of their pet, and that comes from the best photos.

How much is shipping? Do you ship overseas?

Shipping within the United States on average ranges from $10 USD – $15 USD. depending on the size of the canvas. International shipping is available as well though pricing will vary.

My pet has died, would you still be able to paint them?

Yes. I have done this many times. In these times I understand reference photos are hard to come by and while I do my best there will be times when a photo is too rough to be made into a painting.

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