Commission Information

The first step in making a great painting is a good reference photo. Finding and taking a good photo can be difficult with some animals. Below are some helpful tips for you to capture the best photo of your pet


Single source or natural sunlight is the best to capture the detail of your pet. Good lighting makes it possible to see details, such as the color of your pets eyes.


Always try to take a portrait of your pet. Get on your pets level and focus the picture on their face. Forward facing or side profile shots work great.


The quality of the photo is key to making out small details. If you can, use your best camera or cell phone to capture the most high quality photo you can.

Commissions are $100 + shipping for a 12″ x 12″ painting

You can either email me pictures or send me a direct message on discord with pictures of your pet. The more pictures, the better. Once I agree on a photo I will send you an invoice via PayPal for a down payment of 50% on the painting. Once the painting is finished I will send an invoice for the remaining 50% (+shipping). Then I will send the painting on it’s way to you!

All paintings will be shipped exclusively though the United States Postal Service

Let’s create something together.

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